28 September 2014

Captain Rooney

By Dr3

Look, I get it. Football represents one of the last arenas for snobbish nose turning, abject prejudice, and wanton hypocrisy. Top, top, good old-fashioned dark-ages stuff. I get it. To say the overall assessment of the latest Rooney incident has been largely off the mark would be disingenuous. It’s been pathetic.

A Parallel: Let’s say you’ve decided on a spouse. The significance, to you, of his/her good qualities far surpass any of the good qualities of other people you’d ever encountered or even heard about. His/Her bad qualities, while known to you, do not hold a candle to not only his/her good qualities, but to the bad qualities of said other people. She’s everything. He’s everything. Just enough, yet too much.

If your spouse proceeds to repeatedly make, however decidedly less over time, terrible decisions in line with the known bad qualities; 
  • Does this mean that your selection criteria for your spouse was incorrect to begin with?
  • Do you first need to determine the full weight of these indiscretions in the context of your marriage?
  • Do these indiscretions suddenly shift the balance on the good vs bad qualities of your spouse
  • Does it mean that you should seek counselling or some sort of help in mending your spouse’s bad qualities?
  • Do you accept the bad as part of the packaging of the overall good that you decided on?
  • Does it mean that you should seek a divorce?
  • What is the revised selection criteria for a new spouse?
  • How many revisions are you allowed on the criteria for your prospective spouse?
  • Do you carry on spouse-less?
Look, I’m not entertaining a discussion of Rooney’s qualities and viability, now. After this incident. I heard the commentator say that it was violent play. Violent. I laughed. Violently. I’ve seen more violence from an Easy-Bake Oven. I've been in a rot considering divorce now for some days because of this.

My goodness people. Man the plane. Captain this ship.

Thoughts Roy?

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