01 March 2012

Not Friends with Benefits

By Dr3

I honestly would just like to know why players often get injured on international, and mostly friendly duty. It can no longer be a coincidence. Every time the even half-injury-prone goes off to proudly represent their country, they come back a wreck and unashamed, angering Wenger(s) into fits and rants about theories called Uselessness and Pointlessness.

I've watched these games. Sometimes they are more laid back than Berbatov on an Old Trafford bench. Yet it always happens. Is it that plane flights do some things to muscles making them more susceptible to immediate damage? Could it be the sudden change in training regimes for specific players?  Could it be that players on international duty get Prince Boatenged by their wives and lady-friends? I really don't know. It could just be Barcelona's fault though. Evil.

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