17 October 2011


By Dr3

A long time ago now, a post was written on the Run of Play about racism in football. Specifically, that ‘it’s bad’, needs to be rooted out, and is sadly underreported, using one of the Clásicos as an example of that practice. What followed in the comments section for that post was a barrage of la di da ‘intellectual’ fackery-postulations about the vile nature of political correctness, ‘otherness’, making intelligible contributions to the ‘debate’,  and the snobbish business of judging foreign racism from our perspective etc.  It bothered me. It bothered me to the point of commenting; twice. Nonetheless the battle of wits and “missing my point”(s) continued under the guise of logic, and the valiant goal of bringing more than “racism is bad” to the table. It reminded me though as to why, while hating the sensationalism of the broader media, my disdain for this type of ‘forum’; supposedly intelligent and pretentiously overly analytical, would never be matched. At some point the need to show one’s intelligence always supersedes whatever the topic is. It’s annoying. (It's particularly worrisome that one of the comment-ers actually wrote for the same site before)

Fact, political correctness is born out of fear - same idiot

Everything becomes a dissertation. Everything is about putting your body of work and area of specialization (academically) into a topic through some logic. Everything is open to debate as long as there is clear logic. Pompously forgetting that some things are not void of bias, or emotion, or history, or context, and that *most* dissertations are full of shit, and simply document what you were obliged to do in grad school and will most likely never revisit in life. Here is a completely non-football tangent but says it ALL about this topic, please read (racism again was the issue, but this time in a law school, made tellingly more 'impressive' because it was written by a white woman with some perspective, and not born out of fear).

Anyway, Otherness defines somehow, that ethnicity and race are akin to having a big nose or being short, in Spain (as defined by some other idiot).

But in trying to bring it back to football, Otherness would represent those other players that we like, while accepting that they are not the best, and sometimes far from it. It’s interesting that in a football culture that chides new-money supporters, and bandwagonism at club level, that we equally question a person’s affinity for these others on the player level. Every discussion about a player you like turns into, “X is better though”, “what has he done”, “he hasn’t won anything” etc . Does liking a player we know to not be the best mean that we are inherently underachievers or something? Are we supposed to only like the best players out there? I remember talking at length about Crespo, with comparisons to Van Nistelrooy, Luca Toni, Batistuta, Trezeguet, and the list went on for an hour, simply because I said he was my favorite player. Maybe it’s another side effect of all this over analysis, or maybe this is how it’s always been. I just really hope that one day I can say that I like Lavezzi, Robinho, or some Other player, without assist stats being used to tell me that I’m a wanker.

Blog Stuff

I haven't been updating the blog for some time for a number of reasons:

Firstly, Inter in super-laymans suck really badly, making it hard to write or think about anything else other than the debacle that is my team, which I don't want to do.

Secondly,  I was really turned off by this whole affair particularly because the assumption was that I was white, and appalled only due to wanting recognition and political correctness points. Added to which I am divorcing Richard Whittall since his writing is becoming more and more like the intellectuals at the RoP; attempting to 'blame' Tevez's diva moment on his shady third party ownership, amongst other indiscretions. Bandini is now my favorite at that site.

Thirdly, my Facebook page has made me lazier such that linking to something interesting is clearly easier than writing. 

Fourthly, Less and less time. Such that I will be changing the way I do posts, to be more like the Fiver, but still not as long. Only some posts would be dedicated to one topic or at least I will be trying to keep my posts short. Reason being, I rarely sit reading posts that are too long (mouse wheeling exercise), why should you?

Until next time this month.

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