29 June 2011

Those questions

By Dr3

How is it that the men’s World Cup is just called The World Cup?

Why wasn’t the opening day of the Women’s World Cup (WWC) on the landing page on my news websites?

Why are WWC matches put together as part of a wrap and not given individual match reports on my news websites?

Why doesn’t livescore carry WWC scores?

Why does livescore still have the World Cup section of 2010?

Why does only soccernet of my news websites have a dedicated (however undedicated) WWC section?

Why is pre-match talk literally about player flexibility and uniforms?

Why don’t I know any of these women like I know the men’s teams?

Why don’t I know any of these coaches, except the U.S?

Where are all the born-again, well-to-do, football-fans and lifelong Brazil/Spain/Holland fans on my mini feed?

Why ask those questions I know, but can’t face, the answers to?

Are those......?

EDIT: Livescore now has a dedicated WWC section. Other websites start giving individual match reports on the fourth day of the tournament.

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