11 May 2011

Blogger Malfunctions

By Dr3

Blogger is going through some sort of maintanence, and have temporarily removed my most recent post about bias..please bear with them. ...in the mean time...some links and vids.

Barca vp makes things worse as regards to racist busquets claims

Lennon almost gets Monica Seles'd which is needless to say a disgrace

The problem isn't Blatter or Fifa, it's football governance

Ferguson charged for talking positively about ref. Honestly I do remember him saying that he feared a big mistake from him as well though before the game, but if the charge is really only about the positives then..idk...thoughts Drogba?

Pastore. 'El Flaco'.

Love the song too. Toco y me voy

EDIT: My post is back up.
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