29 April 2011

Classicos, Cussing

By Dr3

Firstly, I love how much cursing there is in football these days while I continue using fack©. Anyway, there’s a difference between a bad call and a controversially bad one. However there isn’t smoke without fire. That being said let me just list what I've learned from these debacles between Real and Barcelona.

Bewildered Barcelona people:

It’s almost as if Barcelona fans don’t even believe that they are the ‘best’, while reciting hymnals about their own greatness. Why would any team try to out-attack Barcelona in Barcelona’s style (death by possession) if they are as good as you think they are? Real Madrid “tried” and were rightly put in their place with a footballing slap. Is that the spectacle you want? Again? What do you really want/expect to see? Real Madrid, and pretty much every team that has ever played this sumptuous Gaurdiola team have conceded that you are the better attacking team; you need to accept that it means that they will more than likely set up to defend and counter against you. It’s the price you pay for being the best at attacking. But football is a sport, and sport is about winning. Now get over your fucfacking self and this ridiculous football-morality.

Delusional Madridistas

YOU. Cannot. Out-attack Barcelona. Alfred. Needs. To. Gtfoh.


Wrong call. Red cards are neither for perceived intent, nor was that a supposed high-foot challenge. Even by the letter of the law. See ‘Playing in a dangerous manner’, and/or ‘Sending-off Offences’ in the “Laws of the game”. Caution. End of Story. But witnesses said otherwise though.

Material Witnesses

I think that’s what you call all the players from the bench, and on the field who are testifying to the law that someone was murdered. Sadly adding to the debacle this was seen from both teams, but more so from the colorful, crimson-ish, and blue-ish establishment that is more than a club.


For once, I will leave Jose to stand alone. Was it a ridiculous call? Absolutely. Was it the last in a line of ridiculous calls favoring Barcelona against him? Absolutely. Was it because of UNICEF and UEFA? No Jose. Should Gaurdiola be ashamed? Absolutely not Jose. But Dani Alves and everyone named Daniel, Danielle, or other variations like Sergio should be. Forever. The less I talk about the acting the better. Nonetheless someone needs to have a talk with Jose. Thoughts Drogba?


So there’s an editorial by a certain author, saying that Mourinho is a disrespectful hypocrite. While I understand what he was getting at, it was a bit dishonest, in my opinion. The fact of the matter is that as long as football is governed by a human being for 90 minutes, it’s open to the interpretation of that said human. As such, in as much as a decision may be against what you may think is the correct one, realizing that another man may view the same situation differently, eradicates Jose’s conspiracy rant. However, it does not mean that all bad calls fall within the same realm. It does not mean that there is no scale for bad calls. There is certainly a difference between a marginal offside, and that offside goal Inter scored against Siena. There is certainly a difference between a non-call for a penalty for Messi in one of the debacles, and that infamous non-call for Ronaldo against Juventus, such that the ‘hypocrisy’, is not that hypocritical while maintaining it's lunacy. Comparing the non-call for Kalou against Inter last year, to the events that led to the world being Drogba’d is ridiculous. Comparing a non-call for Milito being offside in a game in which he was also wrongly called offside while being one on one, with Pepe’s red card, or RVP’s red card are also almost defamatorily ridiculous. There is a huge difference between a bad call and a wrong call. Enough about that.

Cristiano Ronaldo is underrated by those who don’t like him and dismiss him as a great “athlete”. But he is not better than Lionel.

Messi is also almost disgustingly-good, but not better than Cristiano. He can’t do what Cristiano does. He can’t.


Ramos and Busquets have more in common than Sergio.

Gaurdiola did not win with mind games, but that was nonetheless very very entertaining.

Without knowing, while watching his blank expressions, you just witnessed a cuss-filled mini rant.

"Tomorrow at 8.45 we will play a match on the pitch," Guardiola said. "Off the field, he has won the entire year, the entire season and it will be the same in the future. He can have his personal Champions League off the pitch. Let him enjoy it, I'll let him have that. But this is a game. When it comes to sport we will play. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. We are happy with smaller victories, and hope the world will admire us as it makes us very proud."

"Here [in Real Madrid's press room], he is the chief, the fucking man. In here he is the fucking man and I can't compete with him. If Barcelona want someone who competes in that way, then they should look for another manager. But we, as people and an institution, don't do that.
"I have been here for three years, and if you think I always moan, make excuses and complain, then there's nothing I can do about that."

Anyway some good Classico reads, more enthralling than any of the games have been, or will be.

Jokes. Dirty Tackle..If it continued

My Idol really can’t stop trying to integrate MLS and CONCACAF into European football. His take.

Garganese being Garganese

Very Very Very good read IMO.

Sid Lowe doesn’t seem to like Mourinho. But is impartial. Usually.

Never mind my first sentence, I am against cursing in football by the way.Just because you're a rich Patron saint, doesn't mean you're exempted from your saintly duties.

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