24 December 2010


By Dr3

Tis the season for sharing. So here I am sharing links that are ‘confidential—but not top secret’, for all sorts of football media. How some of these sites stand while youtube videos get removed will forever bewilder me. Of course, how can I not partake in some self-indulgence in this season? So I will give my little synopsis of every link. Enjoy!


A More Splendid Life

My favorite blog. Updated infrequently because he writes on other websites about other football things that rarely interest me, but nonetheless very very very good writer.AMSL


An American blogger, who knows some Spanish, or something. Definitely an acquired taste. Very knowledgeable. Very insightful. A bit weird. Definitely shatters any misconceptions with Americans and ‘soccer’. But that sense of humor….

Must Read Soccer

A website cataloging articles that, well, you must read. I liked it, until I started getting the impression, that it’s really more a network of well connected writers caught up in nepotism. Nonetheless, those writers are actually pretty good, so some of the articles are definitely must read soccer.

Treasons, Stratergems & Spoils

Every single post reeks of PHD-ness. Really intelligent. Very insightful, but wayyyy too infrequently updated; and coming from me, that’s saying something. Nonetheless, SHE, is a must read whenever she does write football. Get your thesaurus/dictionary ready though.Here

Dirty Tackle

I am convinced that he is convinced, that he is the funniest person ever. Very interesting blog; not because it’s great new insight, but more so because of how wide ranging and random and ‘humorous’ it is. From random segments about Boruc writing a weekly rage list, to the ‘f#$king disgrace’ Drogba segment (which I really wanted to do myself), it is all very entertaining. Sarcasm. Wit. Different like Kid Cudi. Updated almost every day. Put this in your Google Reader. Now.

Sid Lowe

Best damn writer on Guardian. Nuff said.

**EDIT***: more Sid Lowe

Zonal Marking

Not a huge fan of this critically acclaimed website. He once said that because Juve were in such a slump that not shellacking them, in the Derby D’Italia nonetheless, meant that Inter were pretty much shit, and lucky. For one obvious reason I was irked. Beyond repair. It felt like Warren Barton. But anyway, I am not big on tactical analysis since once we start going into details, then “moments” dictate games a lot more than tactics. So, sometimes, I do find it to be overanalyzing games which were pretty much decided by something like a beachball, or a Burdisso through ball to an opponent. I obviously am not understating the role tactics play in football matches. Nonetheless it’s in my Google Reader.



Sadly, Goal.com is the most frequently updated news site, beyond a newspaper site like say Tuttosport (seriously, avoid Tuttosport and the like from your feed like grim death). I hate one of their writers, whose name (Carlo Garganese), probably is Italian for f@#king disgrace, and has appeared on this blog during many of my rants. I don’t like him because he talks about footballers he clearly wasn’t alive to see play, and is both fickle and brash, like say that guy who just talked about Messi.

Football Italia

If you are not a Serie A fan, but want Serie A news; this is your site. No premature headlines. No assumed posts. No ten days later, or misleading (Garganese) reports and summations about the Naples trials..etc etc.


Good source of everything. But much like the other news sites that I don’t go to; it is much too Anglocentric.


New find for me. Very Very impressive. It’s more about data than news; so that the news stories are late. But livescores, lineups, player info, leagues from Poland to Trinidad etc etc. Exceptionally comprehensive. Best site I’ve found this year. Go to it. Now.


Whether it’s .net or .com, as a friend once put it; Nothing is liveER than livescore. Period.

Please note the snubbing of all other English sites or writers. Even though AMSL writes about a pending change in tide in English punditry and media in general, I will await at the beach, that full change.



If you like long highlights and don’t mind waiting 12 hrs for it, this site is for you. Kind of anglocentric in that Stoke vs Wigan will have a 20 minute video while Barca vs Valencia has a 6. But very good in general.


If you like less-long highlights from all around the world, and can’t wait that long, this site is for you. Goals of the week segment and all.


If you just like highlights with the most important thing being the waiting time, this site is for you. If you like football this site is for you. If you like football gaffs, Messi’s every touch, Xavi off-the-ball antics etc. This. Is. Your. Site.



Sort of a tvguide for all games streaming. Some of it requires downloading programs etc. But every game that has a stream on any day, is pretty much here. If you like football; at work, at school, because-you-don’t-have-the-right-cable-channels, this needs to be bookmarked. Sopcast works best for me btw.


Great facking site. Less comprehensive than myp2p, but most of these are streamed on links as opposed to needing to download a program.


Oh Veetle. This used to be the best site, because even if your internet felt like dial-up, somehow this would still give you a good quality stream. Then like Moratti hiring Rafa, somebody changed something, and well now it’s seventh and only scored 20 goals not so good. If you have exceptional internet speeds, this is your site, although it really depends on what games people are streaming.


If you didn’t know about this, you are a ‘_______ disgrace’


I do have a new picture site, now that oleole followed in the footsteps of soccer-art, but I’ll be a Grinch on that one. I kinda, really am, obsessed with having pictures no one else really has. I'm sorry?

Seasons Greetings

Massimo Moratti had braced himself, fearing the wrath of "thousands of fanatics from the ‘KOP’ who had been watching footy for 25+ years and had been brought up on good football, and the knowledge of what a great manager was, when they saw one in action despite whatever faults he may have had". He had a surprise telegram though; a Christmas card. He smiled, vindicated.

On Christmas morning, as with every other day this year, I will start off by thanking God that Gareth Bale isn’t English. I will then smile with all Inter Fans everywhere, and watch ‘It’s a wonderful life’ starring Rafa. Merry Christmas

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