09 November 2010

Decadence: The Evolution of Football Blogging

By Dr3

Football shouldn’t be elitist. Not the same football that drunken, bestiality-loving, poverty-riddened Garrincha played. Not the one that had a World Cup hosted in South Africa post-apartheid. Not that football at all. Usually my tirades are waged against disinformation by that Juve-loving Carlo Garganese, or the English press for their collective chauvinism and the whole “unproven flop until he plays here” mantra, sometimes even at Barcelona seeing as I “hate” them. This time though I write saddened and frankly a little irked.

I suppose my issue goes beyond football; I really dislike self indulgent people. Not in the pleasure seeking debauchery sense of indulgence, but more so people who feel the need to constantly prove they are more intelligent than others, ‘better’ than others; people who need to identify themselves as following a club that’s more than a club etc. ( Sorry, I’m serious though). I suppose it’s human nature to want to feel belonging to something special. It’s entered the blog world, for some time, and I guess I just needed to vent about it, and of course force-feed it to you. I suppose sickened by the existence of Goal.com’s and their audiences, several ‘intelligent’ writers set about righting the wrongs of football writing (I know, the irony of me, here, being a purist yet still pointing out Goal.com as insipid). The result; good writers robbing their own good writing, by self indulgence in being overly chichi.

Granted all blogging is somewhat self-serving. It’s a forum for your creativity/ perceived creativity/ self-professed demigod status. But when bloggers start writing in hieroglyphics about something like football it begs a resonating question: Why? Does goal.com dumb their content down to cater to a perceived dimwitted audience? Are these blogs then the answer to a polluted football blogosphere? Are they trying to valiantly display the other end of the spectrum: intelligent football writing void of whimsical declarations or void of Carlo? Is it really that noble? Is it that the blogosphere was so void of content suited to (and I quote) “highbrow” readers? Or maybe as I have taken it with whatever my affliction is; these writers with the powers vested in them by Apple and Windows alike, are continuing a disgusting trait of human nature.

Intelligence reveals itself, in coherence, and strength of ideas, not ostentatious vocabulary or philosophy. Not convoluted prose, and storytelling.

Some things are difficult to find analogous theories for; Magnetism, Particle acceleration, everything Actuary, Aggregate Theory. This is football though; there really is no need to go all Aristotle over an offside. It’s sad that people, who are tackling a lot of topics that need to be tackled the likes of which regular media outlets just do not, are restricting their audience. So while the majority are exposed to Cristiano vs. Messi debates, Gareth Bale as He-Man and the like. A select few discuss in their cultured circle the disgusting media practice of traits of one country on a certain continent being applied to all countries on that continent; you know Africa. After all, apparently only the opinions of PhD’s are valid in football or real-err issues in it. Interestingly though, the noble warriors restoring parity to this gulf in intelligent writing can’t remove comments completely, after all it is the source that tickles and satiates the egos, maybe even challenging it, so thoughts are expressed but encoded. The asinine comments of an unintelligent audience are beneath me, and taint my Picasso-like blog posts and as such this should be prevented.

Can it really be that narcissistic? Could it really be that those people are not good enough to even enter this forum? Is it really effective communication of ideas? As I understood it, the idea of a blog is to share your thoughts with an audience, an audience defined by the blogger. I guess that should suffice, but I really can’t grasp exclusivity to something as universal as football. Instead of an evolution of thoughts on classism, elitism and the like, we retrogress. I am better than you. My thoughts, issues, and ideas, although relevant to all, are only for a few.

Something like Apartheid?

Is it really that difficult to allow someone to comment even if its redundant/immature/stupid (unless it’s clearly defamatory/inflammatory)? Would it really be dumbing down to write for a wider audience?

Maybe, like parents talking in code in front of adolescents these writers could just be exercising their right to choose what’s right and wrong for others. It could just be something as capricious as them collectively wanting to live vicariously through the pseudonym Dicks. Maybe as my mother always said I could be over-analyzing something that really holds no similarity to anything sinister. Maybe as a black man the thought of purposeful restriction being openly hidden is repugnant, such that I'm being overly melodramatic. Of course I could just be venting my frustration at the fact that I need Wikipedia and a thesaurus to read about something, from people I no doubt admire, which I thought was mine.

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