18 September 2010

Tumblr Launch

By Dr3

In trying to stay with the times and these crazy kids, I've started a tumblr. Inspired by these crazy cats, and really just overwhelmed by tumblr's awesome authenticity, I just had to get on board. I definitely am not trying to copy, compete, or even compare to those long-winded, enigmatic, poetic, Pele-loving, Barcelona-adoring, cult/special-football-social-status figures at "The Run of Play", nor am I trying to oppose them. Really I'm not. I just like the thumbnails thingy. Seriously, it's fun to use and easy on the eyes. It's my take, in pictures, of blogs that I've written (sometimes the same picture on the blog), and sometimes to other favorite bloggers or articles. I'm staying on the wagon, so it's all football. All the time.

Click me

This is as close as I will get to twitter, and will be updated more regularly. Like everyday.

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