13 September 2010

Explanation, Questions, Epiphanies

By Dr3

Mourinho was replaced by who?

I haven’t written for some time for two separate and distinctive reasons:

1)My non-football addict life was thrown a wrench in the spokes recently.

2)More importantly, my generally misanthropic views and subsequent rants (the people I hate usually being English or Catalan), have eroded into a self-loathing pity brought about by Moratti’s dimwitted appointment of Mr. Short-bus himself, Rafael Benitez. Maybe that’s crass, hasty and careless, but my confidence is gone, and I’ll be watching Inter games like I watched Titanic.

This time though, has served to open me up to some epiphanies;

He’s a FLOP

Flop: A word used by elderly, asinine or otherwise unimaginative and banal, fans, commentators, pundits and archaic former players alike to vilify the reputation of immigrant football players to a given country because they don’t like their hair.
e.g. Carlton Cole being compared to the big nosed flop Ibrahimovic. Robinho despite his 14 goal and 5 assist debut EPL season haul being touted as a flop. Aquilani, Veron, Owen at Real, Huntelaar, maybe even Arnautovic , Muntari and of course there’s always Berba.

Orgies and Pools.

Apparently an orgy in an under-talented pool somehow serves to improve the quality of said pool. This is the logic by which any country that is actually stipulating reducing foreign players is governed by. By limiting the talent with which teams can actually build a squad from and increase competitiveness, we will make the strength of the teams higher in the long run and it will benefit our nation. In other words if we replace Drogba with Carlton Cole, Upson becomes Maldini. Clockwork.

Traitors, Deceivers, and Mercenaries.

The History of a football brand. A brand represented by fans and a shirt. A shirt defended by players. Players subjected to what?

Here I am signing a 5 year contract with a Japanese company. I relocate my wife and family, start learning Japanese culture and language. One day I come to work and management has decided that I’m not working well, so I’m relocated to a storage room and given menial jobs. After a week they transfer me to another substantially less prestigious company in Nepal (apparently the Japanese company was some kind of parent company). They promise me that if I show improvement there, I would be welcomed back to my original location, and original position, to finish out the rest of my contract. It never happens, and what was once a bright future of Sashimi and Yakuza evasion, turned into 4 years of Mount Everest’s shadow's obscurity.

Does anyone who buys products from my parent company care about me? Does anyone working at the parent company care about me? Is my parent company the subject of scorn and personal threats for their callous treatment of me and anyone like me?

That is the life of Obinna, Sauzo, Rivas, etc (looking into an Inter mirror) who all came to Inter to play for and defend “I Serpenti”, yet ply their trades at Malaga’s, West Ham’s, Genoa’s etc. What of their families? Weren’t they betrayed by the club/glorious facking shirt? Is this the Business?

But Mascherano, Hleb, Robinho, Adebayor, and any-damn-footballer-ever (even Judas), leaves for selfish reasons, and they are the vilest, most disgusting, unprofessional people ever. Yeh.

…almost forgot, the Champions League is back.

Can't believe Moratti was 'impressed' by last year

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