17 August 2010

Déjà vu

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.

Bernard Shaw was a sweet guy. But we really shouldn’t repeat stupid mistakes.

Dark horses really shouldn’t exist (me being a purist for once).How many Rubin Kazan’s, Senegal’s, Cameroon’s, North Korea’s, Fenerbache’s, Algeria’s, Greece’s, Denmark’s, Albania’s, Steaua’s, and Galatasaray’s do we need to see, before we realize that football is played and not spoken or written? Are we going to continuously denounce teams on the basis of them lacking history? Are we going to continuously say that not trouncing a supposed neophyte is flopping?

It is becoming difficult reading prophetic narratives, underrating unknowns, and then exaggerating the epic ‘upset’, if and when they do in fact occur. Understanding that status, history, and prestige and even talent are not at all synonymous with entitlement, should eradicate all this ‘upset’ talk, but it doesn’t. Understanding even further that today marks the beginning of tomorrow’s history should stamp out any of this “no history”, and “they only have money” talk (you know ♪♪'Glory Glory’, ‘Mes que un club’♪♪ ).

This is not to say that only Red Lucifers and (esp. Culo) Cul-holes talk like that, but they seem to TALK LIKE THIS, ALL THE TIME.ALL THE TIME. EVERYTIME. WHENEVER THEY FEEL LIKE. (In real life there’s no keyboard, but it’s the same concept….CAPS OFF).

Anyway, having missed every game except the season opener of the EPL, it was nice, in the sordid sense of the word nice, to see some things remaining the same. Wigan still loses 4 – 0, same old chorus on repeat no matter your station/channel/stream of choice like Lil Wayne’s Lollipop a few years back; “best league in the world”, “electrifying pace”, and “TUFF tackling”.

Beyond that though, regardless of my negativity about the EPL, Barca, and Man U, ‘leaking’ like anything BP (????), I really did miss, and am now looking forward to, seeing the same thing happen for the next nine months, that I have seen for the last decade and a half now.

My hiatus is over, my baby is back, my rants are back however overly poetic and melodramatic, and nothing’s new. We’ve been here before.

I will write back soon,


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