26 July 2010

990px Repost part 3/5:Champions in South Africa, a football Fridays

By Dr3

Again check him out. And here's the original post.

1st GERMANY, Berlin, June 9, 2006: Employee security company presenting a statuette given to masters of the world by FIFA. Based on the information engraved on the winners of the previous championships. AFP PHOTO BARBARA SAX

2nd Germany, Leverkusen, September 5, 2009: Zakumi (a combination of ZA - South Africa signs the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 and the words of Kumi - in many African languages means "ten") - the mascot of the championship in South Africa - poses for photos before a friendly match between the representations of Germany and South Africa. AFP PHOTO DDP / Lennart Preiss

3rd GERMANY, Munich, 4 December 2009: Jabulani (which in Zulu means "celebrate") - A formal model of the ball, which will play football at the championships in South Africa. AFP PHOTO DDP / OLIVER LANG

4th GERMANY, Duisburg, 27 April 2006: Presentation Cup FIFA World Cup. AFP PHOTO DDP / Volker HARTMANN

5th South Africa, Johannesburg, 13 June 2009: The tunnel leading to the turf at Ellis Park stadium, Johannesburg. The stadium can accommodate 60 thousand. viewers. AFP PHOTO / ROBERTO SCHMIDT

6th South Africa, Johannesburg, 20 November 2008: Work on laying the new turf on the stadium's Ellis Park. AFP PHOTO / ALEXANDER JOE

7th South Africa, Soweto, 16 March 2010: General view of the stadium in Soweto, which will house nearly 95 thousand. viewers. (Photo: 2010 FIFA World Cup Organising Committee South Africa via Getty Images)

8th South Africa, Soweto, 13 December 2009: The football stadium on the outskirts of Johannesburg. AFP PHOTO / ALEXANDER JOE

9th South Africa, Soweto, 28 March 2010: A lump seen the stadium in Soweto in the late evening. AFP PHOTO / ALEXANDER JOE

10th South Africa, Johannesburg, 23 June 2009: Children playing football in a stadium in Soweto. AFP PHOTO / YASUYOSHI Chiba

11th South Africa, Soweto, 28 March 2010: The football stadium in Soweto at night. AFP PHOTO / ALEXANDER JOE

12th South Africa, Cape Town, 2 December 2009: Night panorama of Cape Town and the scene of the upcoming world championships in football, with a capacity of 68 thousand. viewers. (Photo: Darren Stewart / Gallo Images / Getty Images)

13th South Africa, Cape Town, 25 April 2010: Panorama of Cape Town with a visible Green Point Stadium. AFP PHOTO / Dean Treml

14th South Africa, Cape Town, 22 March 2010: The Prayer (here sitting in the stands 45 thousand. People) at the newly opened stadium in Cape Town. AFP PHOTO / Roger Bosch

15th South Africa, Cape Town, March 1, 2010: One of the locker room at the Green Point stadium. AFP PHOTO STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN

16th South Africa, Cape Town, March 1, 2010: The cell at the police station, located at Green Point stadium. AFP PHOTO STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN

17th South Africa, Durban, 8 December 2009: The locker room at the stadium Moses Mabhida in Durban. AFP PHOTO / ALEXANDER JOE

18th South Africa, Durban, December 8, 2009: View of the grandstand and turf stadium in Durban. AFP PHOTO / ALEXANDER JOE

19th South Africa, Durban, February 12, 2010: Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban. AFP PHOTO / EUROLUFTBILD

20th South Africa, Polokwane, 15 February 2010: Aerial view of the stadium Peter Mokaby in Polokwane, where 45 thousand can cheer. viewers. AFP PHOTO / EUROLUFTBILD

21st South Africa, Nelspruit, 21 March 2010: Football Stadium Mbombela in Nelspruit, which stands at 44 thousand fit. viewers. AFP PHOTO / STR

22nd South Africa, Nelspruit, 21 March 2010: Grandstands and turf stadium in Nelspruit. AFP PHOTO / STR

23rd South Africa, Nelspruit, 21 March 2010: The entrance to the toilets for the ladies at the Mbombela stadium. AFP PHOTO / ALEXANDER JOE

24th South Africa, Rustenburg, June 16, 2009: In the foreground, women carry water from the distribution point. On the second plan, the Royal Bafokeng Stadium - multi-use stadium in Rustenburg. AFP PHOTO / FRANCOIS XAVIER MARIT

25th South Africa, Rustenburg, June 21, 2009: A view of the whole object Royal Bafokeng Stadium, located 42 thousand in the stands. viewers. AFP PHOTO / FRANCOIS XAVIER MARIT

26th South Africa, Port Elizabeth, 23 June 2009: Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth capacity of 48 thousand. viewers. AFP PHOTO / ALEXANDER JOE

27th South Africa, Port Elizabeth, July 23, 2009: Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium at night. AFP PHOTO / JOE Alexander

28th South Africa, Port Elizabeth, May 14, 2010: Sokolniki Arnold Slabbert, together with her students - a wandering hawk - involved in killing pests on Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium (mainly pigeons and rodents). AFP PHOTO / Gianluigi GUERCIA

29th South Africa, Port Elizabeth, May 14, 2010: The peregrine falcon is at work on the stadium Nelson Mandela Bay. AFP PHOTO / Gianluigi GUERCIA
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