07 May 2010

When in Rome...

By Dr3

I’ve waited in vain for parity. I held my tongue (really fingers) as I didn’t want to preemptively lambast a racist press, in a racist country, for what is now very clearly racism. The events in the ‘Roman capital’ and the underreported and veiled summations are really quite eerily unfunny, and exasperatingly sobering.

Had there been a role-reversal and Balotelli (the black guy) had kicked out at Er Purpone (the white guy) and further prodded him on the floor, before verbally abusing him in some final dignified rant, the bandwidth in Italy would have been exceeded by the share volume of metaphors likening Mario to Satan himself. At nineteen, he is already supposedly the worst player we have ever seen at that age and at any age, period. He’s too cocky, provocative, lazy, and wayyyyy to dark to be a true ‘champion’ (his blackness is ludicrous!!).

Here are Balotelli’s sins (after all this isn’t about deifying him):
  1. Shushing a racist crowd, and showing his tongue to an opponent who tried to stop him from shushing said racist crowd
  2. Sarcastically applauding racist fans (for which he was fined mind you).
  3. Diving and clutching his face when he was intentionally elbowed in his chest by Felipe Melo
  4. Not showing the drive ‘expected’ of a 19 year old in training sessions
  5. Having a falling out with his egomaniacal coach for reasons still unknown, and facing subsequent exile from the team
  6. Having the “swagger” of someone who believes they are larger than life (because he doesn’t celebrate goals, and ‘sags’ his pants, and struts around nonchalantly, which is very provocative; Bad Mario!!!).
  7. Being petulant and tripping players and getting involved in tiffs with players who are mostly at least 5 years his senior, resulting in him getting naive cards, and suspensions (is this where I should mention him being provocative for gesturing at divers’ and at people who ‘foul’ him?).
  8. Donning a Milan shirt.
  9. Disowning the Inter shirt before overtly disowning Inter fans in his grandest display of petulance, after being berated for misplacing a pass and hitting a shot wide from the said ‘supporters’ while being on the pitch for a mere 15minutes(In the aftermath he was rightly scolded by his more senior teammates for his stupidity).
  10. Being a ‘black Italian’
As far as Mr. Totti goes though, I will only say that compared to him, Mario is as Godly as Kaka dining on bread and water with the Pope.

But where’s the parity?

Dear Balotelli was written when Mario while playing to the tunes of the Jueventini hit “There’s no such thing as a Black Italian”, showed his disgust for what he believed was a Caceres dive. Now this is not to single out Miss Susy Campanale as some racist band conductor (maybe just part of the orchestra), but where’s the parity? As quickly as she/they were able to churn out more anti-Mario drivel, it’s strange then that their respective computers and internet connections all get hit by the y2k bug when it involves the ugliness that makes Balotelli relatively pretty. Totti in being as innocent as a mouse has suggested that Mario insulted the "Roman people" and in him being the champion and “roman soldier” (thanks goal.com) that he is, he simply had to make a stand against the enemy at the gates. FootballItalia has even gone so far as to mention that it was a “reaction-foul”, but I take it Balotelli is not allowed to react to the explicit racism in the stands.

I take it that Totti, CR9, and every other player that has told off a player for diving, every other player who has dived EVER, every other player that has shushed racist fans, every other player that has aspired to be the best, every other player who has had a proverbial 'chip' on their shoulder, every other player who has complained about not receiving a call, every other player who has been nonchalant at training, every other player that has shown petulance, should be kicked in their (trying to keep my dignity) MUCKING head..right?

The ‘lazy’ janitors use the rug as a bin and claim that it cannot be racism because Eto’o and Seedorf are not abused regularly; akin to comparing Cristiano and Kaka’s personality and subsequent fan reception. Now although that would seem to suggest then that it is not his color but his personality, then why are people with the very same and severely worse personalities being afforded respect? Was Cassano ever a hate figure in Italy (it’s rhetorical)? Has Totti ever been a hate figure in Italy? Has Camoranesi ever been a hate figure in Italy (I won’t talk about Camo but his list borrows and expands from Mario’s..even the spat with 'home' fans)? It’s as if the racism is both ‘subtle’ and ubiquitous such that they denounce it, yet revel in it inherently.

'Balotelli provokes'

Never mind Totti spitting, stumping, punching, slapping, kicking, celebrating in the face of opponents, being petulant and offensive for 18 years as well as giving his rendition of the “Pollice verso” to the LAZIO fans; it’s Mario who is provocative, the worst we've ever seen such that we paint the monster picture, and somehow kicking him is justifiable.

I shouldn’t have to look beyond my regular RSS feed to find someone condemning Totti for what he did and for what it is. I shouldn’t have to hold my breath in hope that someone (my regular websites etc.) would write about how shameful the display of the Romans and their leader was (Inter were bullies in November they said, but only one team was wedgie-d at the Olimpico). I shouldn’t have to wait in vain for a female analyst to ring out the “what’s good for the goose/gander” talk (this time it’s you Susy). I shouldn’t have to pretend that Chievo fans were not abusing Balotelli. I shouldn’t have to pretend that it is even half-justifiable to punish a man for responding to racism. I definitely shouldn’t have to pretend that the judgment against a black teen is just and not incessantly ridiculous and skewed.

I love the Serie A, but “this racism is killing me inside”. Intellectual Prostitution?

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