09 May 2010

Maybe because I’m from the coast.

By Dr3

Dr3: So Didier, why does mother England forget you when it’s time for personal accolades?

Didier: ♪♪.. I don’t know why, she keeps on passing me by, Maybe….♪♪
(he sang the entire Jamie Foxx, how rude)

So for the umpteenth time I will be playing the anti-Rooney. I have gone from being a Rooney-hater, to a Rooney-admirer, to my current phase; Rooney-perspective-giver.

Did Rooney have the best season of his career? Yes. Did Rooney at one point this season look like the best forward of the year (in Europe)? Yes. Was Rooney the best forward this season, even in the Premiership? I really can’t say that.

Drogba had a better season than Rooney statistically, and even on a wider analytical basis. Testament to his improved in-the-box presence, Rooney was less Rooney than usual; less assists, less running back to RB to help Gary, less of all that stuff, but substantially more goals. But was he better than Drogba?

Drogba even with the interruption of the ANC (cup of Nations, which coincided with the period in which Rooney was in peak form), was able to resume his duties even while Ancelotti did his Tinkerman impression, omitting the Ivorian sporadically. Prior to the ANC it was a four horse race for ‘golden’ boot; Torres (remember him?), Bent, Wayne, and Didier. After it, there was a sole candidate, and even the shoe started taking the shape of Rooney’s ‘Nike total 90 laser III’. Maybe, again testament to how much of a mainstay he has become in the Premiership, Drogba’s performances went unnoticed and unsurprisingly all the accolades have gone to the Englishman for his blistering form for 3 months (this is not a sideswipe). Drogba will be in the PFA’s team of the year, he will win some other shoddy magazine prize, maybe even some BBC ‘personality’ award, but does he not deserve more?

Prior to this season, he faced the competition of THE metro sexual forward/ (winger) (depending on how much of Fergusons tea you’re drinking), and again predictably and justly, played second fiddle. But, (beyond stats)Drogba has been one of the poster-boys for the Prem barring his first season and one other. He is a symbol of both the power, and lethal decisiveness that made the Prem the “best league in the world”, for the last 3 seasons. While Serie A, and La Liga teams faltered at getting results, the Drogba’s, Torres’, and Cr7’s, continuously set the standard for European strikers/forwards (Eto’o too but this about the Prem). He is the opponent that gives coaches and defenders alike headaches as just how to keep him ‘quiet’, yet he will most likely finish his Premiership career without a single personal PFA or FWA award. Why? Maybe the coast is just a little too far; they can’t see him. Not to be too melodramatic myself, but the lack of awards even at the Prem level for Drogba, feels a bit too much like the misadventures of Thierry Henry (you know the guy that should have won at least a Ballon D’Or being French and all).

This is about perspective, and ‘trying’ to be fair. So, could should a striker whose goals were almost solely from inside the penalty area (a la V’Roy), while scoring less than a more ‘complete’ striker, be rated as better than the said complete striker? It certainly isn’t the significance of the goals; since both strikers have a knack for the decisive. Why hasn’t the improvements on Drogba’s game been noted just as those made to Rooney’s (Drogba now willingly plays wide to set up his teammates). Why doesn’t Drogba ever receive recognition from his own league? Being part of the ‘team of the year’ is like scoring a hat-trick while losing 10-3, to Trinidad and Tobago
( ....I know, unpatriotic..tsk tsk sad smileys).

Dr3: So Didier, now that you’re 32 and have played your best season and still haven’t received any awards, what do you think about the PFA, FWA, and the Premiership in general?


Dr3: ........

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