21 April 2010


By Dr3

I haven’t written, nor have I felt like writing anything about football ever since Luciano “OJ Simpson” Moggi’s defense attorneys started presenting “evidence” to create the reasonable doubt necessary to clear their client. Let me stop here and clear all pretense; I don’t like Calciopoli-talk, I don’t support partiality on any level of the game, but most of all I cringe at the thought of my team being involved in any of “it”.

Disinformation: false information deliberately and often covertly spread (as by the planting of rumors) in order to influence public opinion or obscure the truth.

Moggi apparently also hired both Carlo Garganese and Salvatore Landolina as part of his defense team. In a segment called “Calciopoli Watch” on Goal.com, these attorneys present most of the information as sourced from the Holy Grail that is “Tuttosport” (Juventus’ newspaper syndicate etc). In a broadsided attempt to further propagate the notion that ‘OJ’ in fact did nothing at all, these two highly irresponsible ‘editors’ have managed to purposefully exclude from their reporting certain facts that have emerged during the trial (purposeful half truths are still whole lies);

• Moggi’s defense team presented an erroneous transcript of a conversation between then Inter president Facchetti, and mob correspondent referee designator Bergamo, in which they alleged that Facchetti had in fact asked for a specific referee. Had this been factual, it would have represented a major major twist and “curtains for Inter” in the Calciopoli trial. In Italy this evidence was given the moniker “la madre di tutte le intercettazioni”; THE MOTHER OF ALL INTERCEPTIONS. Both of the said Goal.com editors Moggi lawyers presented the run up to, and then somehow managed to skip the result. The tape of the conversation was played in court and on all of the newspapers the following day in Italy there was one unison hymn:

"the audio doesn't match"

The Tuttosport website then managed to remove the audio from the archives.

The point I’m trying to make is very simple; if you are not part of OJ’s defense why present one-sided information? That to me is not only irresponsible, but criminally misleading. Because I don’t speak Italian doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t be privy to the truth; the whole truth.

My final thoughts on Moggi:

• They talk about why these 75 calls involving “other clubs” were dropped from the investigation, while negating the fact that there were 170,000 calls in total, the lion share of which belonged to Luciano (is that fair communication? Grande Juve?).

• We’ve all seen the mob movies, we’ve all read the mob books, we all know what a made mobster is. "The Untouchables" is a good reference as to how guys can ‘get off’ even in light of substantial evidence. Credit to Moggi’s lawyers for presenting the reasonable doubt necessary to cast grey areas into the law books; that’s the job. But let’s not be naïve; if he gets off then we’ve all been Punk’d.

Juventinos thinking this is my tirade here are some handy links (get your google translator ready):

Audio, you can listen for yourself at the 0:39 even though it’s in Italian.

"a three year old can tell there’s a difference in the voices"

more general reading.

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