06 March 2010

Siamo Juventus (We Are Juventus)

By Dr3

I don’t do Photoshop, she does:.

If ten blind men claim to see a pink cow, does the fact that they are ten somehow supersede the fact that they are blind? The delusions that handicap juve fans will forever be a joke to me (for the oxymoron that is “objective juve fans” please don’t take offense).

For the umpteenth time, in the umpteenth season in the Serie A, ‘we’ have been witnessing a string of Juventus ‘results’, affected to a great extent by the officiating in their games. Contrary to how I may have been writing as of late, I don’t like conspiracies, and I don’t like talking, or in this case writing figuratively; this isn’t the Bible. History though, records Juventus as being the winning-est, most dominant team in the history of the Serie A. But if the books of the past were written in the ‘black and white’ ink and by the same ‘old lady’ of the books of the present, then I really don’t know how much solace or truth should or even can be taken from this history.

The only thing worse than a mobster, is a made mobster; a mobster who is alibi-ED at every corner by his friends in high places, one who is angry at justice for being fair (you know like Luciano Moggi on the wiretaps?), and one who, if found guilty of any wrong-doing (bloody gloves and all) is indisputably a victim of some conspiracy. They talk about a dominant Juve, they talk about playing like the real Juventus ‘again’, while it apparently escapes them that maybe what was ‘real’, really wasn’t. Maybe these are the limp, lifeless, witless, inanimate, dull, comatose puppets without the strings.

I’m not going to deny that the players probably played their hearts out. Maybe in their minds they were determined to not being puppets. But to deny that you saw the strings for these ‘Thunderbirds’ is being foolhardy, and an accessory to ‘mob activity’. All of Italy seems to have a strange crippling fear of calling Juventus’ games as they are seen. Instead columns and websites are filled with pretenses and Picasso-like abstracts, citing fractions of body parts being onside enough, and I suppose chi-power and not physical contact being responsible for players flying under Chiellini’s tackles.

The greatest though is the impact of a culture on the opinions of a people; a people that contrive stories of Massimo Moratti’s funding of the ‘phone tapping’ (apparently what was found is not as important as how it was found; a warrant or it’s inadmissible in the history books?). Juve fans who have the unfathomable gall to reference the one game in which Inter Milan received a Juve-like call (what’s good for the goose….), as proof that somehow Inter ‘always’ benefit like they ‘did’(I don’t ever recall juve players being sent off for applause and coaches fined for gestures etc..). Of course, there’s the final throw of the dice that it was Galliani who plotted it all and that Juve are oh so innocent.

To be more emphatic: Even if Marion Jones claimed she wasn’t aware that her trainer was giving her steroids; she would still be stripped, and she would still be banned.

If it’s any conciliation, maybe tomorrow we will awake and find that Jah is the only God, and that we all should have been Rastafarians. Then at least we’ll all be in the same empty, vast, boat of denial, despair and bewilderment.sad smileys

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