15 March 2010

Mind Forming Media 2: “Best League in the World”

By Dr3

Premise: Miss Trinidad and Tobago, Wendy Fitzwilliam won the Miss Universe crown in 1998.

Conclusion: For the calendar year of 1998, Trinidad and Tobago had the most beautiful women in the world.

Get the picture?

It’s called a fallacy, and it is erroneous, and it is dangerously misleading.

So let’s analyze the main problems with the conclusion;

1. The premise provides no standard for a term used in the conclusion; beauty.

2. As much as it may have a vast amount of representatives, the competition can scarcely claim to cover all nations of the world.

3. There is no information as to the criteria for winning this crown.

4. Why is Wendy Fitzwilliam’s beauty reflective of that of an entire nation?

Valid as it may be, enough showboating. The level of the top four of the EPL is NOT indicative of the standard of the league. The level of Barcelona last year was NOT indicative of La Liga. The level of the Serie A clubs past and present is not indicative of the League. For fear of this becoming too lengthy, I will do some of this in point form.

• League competitions exist because the only measure of a great team is its endurance. Again, the virtue of football is that any team can win any game on any day.

The concept of squad depth comes to mind for this point. This is where the quality of a squad is revealed. Although any team can win a game, the strongest team wins a league; strongest in the sense that they were still able to gain positive results in bad form, strongest because they notch up the most points over a footballing-year.

• Cup competitions exist as the abridged showpiece and a more convenient measure for international competitions, as it would be impractical to play an actual European league for example.

To the point;
The USA beat Spain at the Confederations Cup, are they stronger than Spain? IS CONCACAF STRONGER THAN UEFA? There’s no question in my mind that the USA outfoxed Spain and actually made a rather witless spectator of the Spaniards (in that game), but to suggest that somehow that is “the level” of the rest of CONCACAF, is profoundly obtuse my friends.
Cup competitions depend on too many chancy things for it to merit so much deeper clout (luck of the draw, bad day at the office, etc).

• What exactly constitutes this “best”, in the “Best League in the WORLD”

Competitiveness, Excitement, Passion, Technical Ability, Tactical Diversity, Speed and Athleticism are all very valid criteria for determining your “best” league. Unless it is somehow made clear in what sense of the word best, a league is being anointed, then maybe the anointer needs to skip a turn in ordaining.

• For the sake of argument.

So let’s say I do go for this whole CL and other such Cup competitions meaning something on a wider footballing scale.

If the EPL is the strongest league, where is this dominance in the second tier competitions? Certainly if the league itself is “so strong”, then even the toilet streaks of teams would be unstoppable against their substandard European counterparts, right?

Where were the La Liga teams in the UEFA Cup last year? (2009)

Where were the Italian teams in the UEFA Cup in 2003? (remember that all Italian CL final?)

Why is this dominance that supposedly filters down, stopping in the first tier?

It's called a fallacy; 1.noun logic in which the conclusion does not follow the premise, 2.noun idea that is believed to be true but is erroneous.

Go look it up.

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