09 March 2010


By Dr3

If you’re not first, you’re last – Ricky Bobby.

Yes, I am quoting a fictitious and quite idiotic character, played by an idiot, in an idiotic movie. But the said idiot makes a valid point as far as all sports go; you win, or don’t do anything at all. Almost every other game I find myself reading about some team that deserved more, and that the scorline ‘doesn’t do them justice’, and other such follies. The fact is, barring ‘Calciopoli-like’ result earning, you do get exactly what you deserve.

These are not kids, and we shouldn’t be avoiding injuring morale. If you had 70% possession, 25 shots to 2, 15 corners to none, and still lost 2-0, then <-- that; is what you deserve, for being ridiculously unprofessional and wasteful. This sense of entitlement that somehow by virtue of having the ball, and looking ‘good’(?) while doing so means you should win automatically needs to be quite honestly, stamped to hell.

Barca fans, Arsenal fans, and Milan fans are the prime candidates falling victim to this ‘deserving’ syndrome, because their football is so ‘beautiful’. Football is not a beauty contest. There is no true way of playing football. There is no real essence of football. Football shouldn’t be played in any particular way.

Manchester can play what is often called ‘real football’, but is that why they are great? Is that why they win so many titles? Similarly, Juventus as much as the validity of their winnings is in question, are quite simply not very handsome. But unless I am able to run through the black and white footage of the 50’s, 60’s, or even 70’s and 80’s (yes I’m too young to know 80’s football), then I don’t know of any greater team than Juve in the Serie A.

Newschool Barca fans may be relishing now because their time has finally come. Rewinding though to a certain Rivaldo’s era it becomes a little clearer that all beauty and no beast; IS garbage. It is why he is not even mentioned in teams of LAST decade, it is why he is remembered by only those who saw him and his limp troop.

Football romantics get real. They talk about “dominating” the game; what does that mean? Ac Milan ‘dominated’ against Manchester for what? Chelsea “dominated” Inter for what? Milan scored 3 times in the first half to lose to Liverpool, did Milan deserve the title? You don’t deserve anything. Nothing is given to you. History only asks one question; “What’s in your trophy cabinet?"

One more quote for the road;

It’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove - Detective Alonzo

You might know in your heart of hearts that Manchester was better than Porto those years ago. But guess who built a reputation starting from that day? Guess who added a title to their cabinet that year? Guess who you remember as the Cinderella story of the Champions’ League? The proof my romantics, was in some blue and white Porto pudding.

Show me results and kill all this loser-talk.

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