20 February 2010

To Kill a Muckingbird

By Dr3

Not a misprint. To keep my integrity intact I will let you imagine what that ‘M’ should be. It is a mockery, a travesty, an unjust, and a very cold, cold, football-world. Inter Milan is MUCKED.

Looking beyond the flagrantly not-so-impartial calls of a referee in the Inter vs. Sampdoria game, the real mockery is in the immediate aftermath. Remember the Mockingbird story; black servant, oversexed white girl, woman scorned, racist and maybe incest-prone father, racist town, rape allegations, murder? Remember the aftermath, a young girl, lawyer, and a people losing faith in justice and impartiality? Eight years later and I finally grasp the aftermath; the cold, bitterness, of betrayal and injustice in a supposed civilized, “black and white” world.

The more I write is the more I realize that it is the media that disgust me. Imagine the San Siro for the first time this season or maybe even ever, flooded with people waving the white handkerchiefs of “La Panolada” (which ‘never’ happens in Italy) in response to comically obvious referee bias. Now imagine a media that often contrives stories of mass controversies and scandals with deeper plots and conspiracies etc. This mouth watering combo though, somehow, and some MUCKING way found a way to not even mention the display of the stadium, and even further to attempt to alibi the referees decisions. I won’t degrade myself and even begin to explain or refute his decisions; the beauty of football is that it is there for everyone to see. Yet, like the trial in To Kill a Mockingbird, although it is painfully obvious who or what exactly is ‘bogus’ AND guilty, another verdict emerges, and everyone turns a blind eye. No, no one is going to write that it’s ‘strange’ that Inter have had two players sent off (in one game) twice in the last three home games. Nope, no one is going to use the video replay to at least slightly question the nature of some disgusting calls. Nope, no one is going to alibi Inter when they cry foul. Instead, we will write as if nothing happened, and Inter were not robbed, after all they are still first place.

Today I felt a genuine disgust, and betrayal. Not by the man, the referee, but by a media that has the added advantage of replays, still refusing to say (or even admit), that it was a “mucking disgrace”.

Like the rest of Inter though, maybe I should take the classy route and have a press silence…(^^sarcasm).

Hapless, hopeless and truly MUCKED, Inter should probably forfeit the rest of this mucking season for the sake of their integrity and heart. Rob us, lynch us, and write a peachy story; mucking mobsters.

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