06 February 2010

John "Casanova" Terry

By Dr3

I kept my two cents as far as the Angolan tragedy, because the sad nature of some things need not even be explored any further. Added to that, that incident was more of a civil conflict than a football one; where in this case the Togolese team was used as the hand puppet in an otherwise very sordid affair. But in this affair which is not as tragic but just as sad, I will give one cent.

I’ll give one because I don’t and won’t pretend to hold any moral compass for all human beings and footballers alike. I won’t defend, chastise or berate him nor will I even give an opinion on what should or should not be done in the aftermath of his scandal. No, all I will do is offer a thought; imagine a world in which you were demoted from your respective jobs because of an extramarital relationship in your “private life”.

I suppose that, that in itself is the question and the answer; celebrity knows no privacy. It’s sad, unfair and a bit ridiculous to expect these not-so-human talents to also be not-so-human morally and ethically because of their gift; but it’s the reality. Footballers are expected to embody good human qualities and are reprimanded at the instance of showing their “human” side. Football is their job and they perhaps should be judged on their work performance, but I can’t argue against the circus surrounding it forming too much of a distraction etc so off with his head I guess.

My sidebar has this guys videos and I swear he’s a genius. Here’s his not so subtle satire about the new Casanova “JT”.

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