20 February 2010

To Kill a Muckingbird

By Dr3

Not a misprint. To keep my integrity intact I will let you imagine what that ‘M’ should be. It is a mockery, a travesty, an unjust, and a very cold, cold, football-world. Inter Milan is MUCKED.

Looking beyond the flagrantly not-so-impartial calls of a referee in the Inter vs. Sampdoria game, the real mockery is in the immediate aftermath. Remember the Mockingbird story; black servant, oversexed white girl, woman scorned, racist and maybe incest-prone father, racist town, rape allegations, murder? Remember the aftermath, a young girl, lawyer, and a people losing faith in justice and impartiality? Eight years later and I finally grasp the aftermath; the cold, bitterness, of betrayal and injustice in a supposed civilized, “black and white” world.

The more I write is the more I realize that it is the media that disgust me. Imagine the San Siro for the first time this season or maybe even ever, flooded with people waving the white handkerchiefs of “La Panolada” (which ‘never’ happens in Italy) in response to comically obvious referee bias. Now imagine a media that often contrives stories of mass controversies and scandals with deeper plots and conspiracies etc. This mouth watering combo though, somehow, and some MUCKING way found a way to not even mention the display of the stadium, and even further to attempt to alibi the referees decisions. I won’t degrade myself and even begin to explain or refute his decisions; the beauty of football is that it is there for everyone to see. Yet, like the trial in To Kill a Mockingbird, although it is painfully obvious who or what exactly is ‘bogus’ AND guilty, another verdict emerges, and everyone turns a blind eye. No, no one is going to write that it’s ‘strange’ that Inter have had two players sent off (in one game) twice in the last three home games. Nope, no one is going to use the video replay to at least slightly question the nature of some disgusting calls. Nope, no one is going to alibi Inter when they cry foul. Instead, we will write as if nothing happened, and Inter were not robbed, after all they are still first place.

Today I felt a genuine disgust, and betrayal. Not by the man, the referee, but by a media that has the added advantage of replays, still refusing to say (or even admit), that it was a “mucking disgrace”.

Like the rest of Inter though, maybe I should take the classy route and have a press silence…(^^sarcasm).

Hapless, hopeless and truly MUCKED, Inter should probably forfeit the rest of this mucking season for the sake of their integrity and heart. Rob us, lynch us, and write a peachy story; mucking mobsters.

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16 February 2010

Mind Forming Media: 'Premier'Rooney to 'Premier'ship 1 of 3

By Dr3
I said it before: Fanaticism like hatred, is irrational.

The command of, and understanding of the English language is not one of my shortcomings. Understanding why the media attempts to unequivocally and continuously rape my mind and form my opinion certainly is though; I will never understand it, and I will not go quietly into the night. The Premiereship in not the best league in the world. Premiere certainly does mean first, but ship must mean ‘four’ explaining why it’s a “competition” solely between the SAME top four teams of this specimen of a ‘league’.

Part 1

Dear Roonster,

You’re not the best player in the world. It hurts me to talk about Rooney because I don’t want to do him the injustice of dismissing his accomplishments. He is undoubtedly in the best form of his career, he is also undoubtedly showing his credentials for being at least a candidate for one of the best players in the world. The word best though is unfortunately where the Rooney fantasy has to die. It is relative, and therefore you have to be compared to others to really be the best. I want to underline again that I believe Rooney to be a fantastic player. I wrote this article hoping for the fruit of Rooney and the man has simply delivered. Most goals in a season, most goals in the “premiere”-ship, and simply put the most decisive and clinical he has ever been.

Decisiveness is crucial in being objectively considered for being the best; which Wayne in this season has shown in spades. However, a hatrick against Hull, a match winning header against City, and his double today against Milan, although underlining this decisiveness, do not really reflect that raw talent that exudes “I am the best player in the world”. I again want to make sure I underline that I believe decisiveness is important in a “big” player (exit Ibrahimovic), but what exactly is Rooney doing that is exceptional enough to warrant being called the best?

I recall a certain CR7 scoring a scorcher from 40 yards to single-handedly take his team through, I recall a certain Zizou scoring an outlandish volley in a final nonetheless , I also recall a Messi-ah scoring not just a hatrick but one of immense quality in a derby match to boot. I recall king Henry flooring R9 on his way to single-handedly taking Arsenal to the final, I recall a buck toothed R10 toe-poking, and scoring doubles and winning rapturous applause from bitter rivals. I recall the genuine quality that made the world gaze in awe of the immense talent on show. The quality that was undisputable, the quality that makes United fans swallow their pride and accept Kaka as their tyrant-but godly tormentor, the quality that makes a man in the most foolish haircut and slightly overweight run away with the adulation of the entire world, and world of fashion.

Yes, what I recall is the extra quality that says “I am the best”. Rooney simply hasn’t and isnt doing that (yet?). He’s showing the clinical decisiveness of Trezeguet or Inzaghi (that was missing from his game), yet he floats between the lines like Kaka.Great, unique, but certainly not best. Can Rooney do the Kaka? Rooney scored a double today, but was he even on the field before Nani’s exit? Was Cristiano’s goal against Inter the proof of his quality, or was it in his 'performance'? What was Rooney’s performance like today?

Messi’s goal in the CL final wasn’t the proof but the icing on an “I am the best player” shaped cake. Very decisive and an underlining act on a statement made over the season. Rooney is on the right track though, and as much as I hate the english media I would love to see him become capable of one-man-team moments. Until then though, the word best is spelt either; C-R-I-S….or M-E-S-S-…

Love you Wayne....

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06 February 2010

John "Casanova" Terry

By Dr3

I kept my two cents as far as the Angolan tragedy, because the sad nature of some things need not even be explored any further. Added to that, that incident was more of a civil conflict than a football one; where in this case the Togolese team was used as the hand puppet in an otherwise very sordid affair. But in this affair which is not as tragic but just as sad, I will give one cent.

I’ll give one because I don’t and won’t pretend to hold any moral compass for all human beings and footballers alike. I won’t defend, chastise or berate him nor will I even give an opinion on what should or should not be done in the aftermath of his scandal. No, all I will do is offer a thought; imagine a world in which you were demoted from your respective jobs because of an extramarital relationship in your “private life”.

I suppose that, that in itself is the question and the answer; celebrity knows no privacy. It’s sad, unfair and a bit ridiculous to expect these not-so-human talents to also be not-so-human morally and ethically because of their gift; but it’s the reality. Footballers are expected to embody good human qualities and are reprimanded at the instance of showing their “human” side. Football is their job and they perhaps should be judged on their work performance, but I can’t argue against the circus surrounding it forming too much of a distraction etc so off with his head I guess.

My sidebar has this guys videos and I swear he’s a genius. Here’s his not so subtle satire about the new Casanova “JT”.

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