28 January 2010

Differing Shades of White Part 1

By Dr3

Just when I decided that I would not write for all of January the Derby came, and the relapse was inevitable...:

Black and Blue will never be Black and White. Maybe just maybe this would explain why some things with my Nerazzurri just aren’t what they seem to be. I have been called a conspiracy theorist, I have been told that I often see things as being more sinister than they are, I have even been called delusional, but when I can point to something that everyone can see for themselves then it seems there is no delusion. It seems that sometimes, blue can be white.

So enough grandstanding and figurative writing; the world of football and the media that envelopes it, is filled with more politics and sensationalism and raw prejudice than is even imaginable sometimes. The more I love my ‘vice’ is the more I see it’s spectacle for what it is. From Rooney’s performance against Hull being touted as proof positive that he is the best striker in Europe (apparently EPL = Europe), to the Cristiano red card and subsequent two-match ban, to Sneijder’s red card and subsequent; and disgusting by the way, two-match ban, to the ever so conspicuous muted environment surrounding the flagrantly biased calls in the latest Derby della Madonnina, I’m finally starting to see it for what it is. I have often said that with too much coincidence that something is definitely ‘illusory’ to say the least. It continues; from journalist equating the tragedy in Angola to safety fears in SOUTH AFRICA, to Mourinho being ‘sanctioned’ for saying what has already been said by at least two other unscathed coaches this season, to the Adebayor debacle where he was fined for criminally (apparently) ‘inciting violence’ (I guess slaves caused their owners to violate them due to their existence; cause and effect?), I realize that this thing called football is two pronged entertainment; on the pitch, and blow me down off it.

Italian Angle: Interesting that in a society where the media is quick to point to officiating prejudices, and quick to hail Calciopoli part deux that the real controversy (at least in the hot sheets) surrounding the derby was in the aftermath where the incandescent epitome of honesty; Jose, spoke up for his team. No, no one saw that the red card doesn’t even follow the letter of the law, nor does anyone realize that even if Sneijder was talking too much (which the referee clarified it was NOT for, actually telling Mourinho it was for the applause), that he SPEAKS ENGLISH. I don’t think there is a conspiracy against Inter by referee’s, but I do see that apparently ‘anti-inter’ drivel sells papers, adds clicks, and makes the media world turn. Proof? “Adriano ‘hands’ Inter derby win” vs “Nine-men take spoils”? I also invite anyone to read this article and tell me why every controversial incident is not-so-subtly alibi-ED with speculation etc. …but enough of that, I get it now, it makes for better reading. ( understand that my media sources are soccernet.com, goal.com, football-italia.net, and of course inter.it)

English Angle: Take away all the ‘talisman’ players from your respective teams (and I do mean all) and tell me if that team can still do ‘IT’. Why oh why in all the crashing of Liverpool is this thrown it at the very end if at all? Manchester (the red half) lose a game and the entire ‘make shift defense’ and ‘Cristiano is gone’, ‘Rooney (God sent) has no support’ alibis arrive. Liverpool lose a game, and it’s Benitez’ head on the block etc etc. Take away your attacking impetus and your team even defensively starts looking like relentless sh_t. In case you hadn’t noticed Liverpool reconfigured or attempted to in the last transfer window their lineup. Please recall Liverpool pre-injury hitting Hull(the one that proves ‘God sent’ Rooney was really God sent) SIX with Torres hat-tricks etc…and refer to the League table now for the ramifications of losing Torres, Gerard, G. Johnson, Yossi, Aquilani, and Riera at the SAME TIME.

In case you didn't get it: Sometimes things that SHOULD BE black and white like rules and regulations,even the basis of scathing in depth analysis: are not (this is to remind you that I don't mix words.)

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