22 December 2009

Roberto Man£ity

By Dr3

So here we go again with cultural battles. English pundits are really trying to pretend they are shocked at Hughes’ sacking, but even further at the appointment of a Mister Roberto Mancini. So for quick analysis let’s do a q & a.

• Part 1: The Tinkerman and Mourinho

• The trend in football

• What did Man City spend this summer?

• What were their expectations after spending this money?

• Realistic?

• Who would have inevitably been the fall-guy if the investment didn’t pay off?

• About Mark Hughes

• Reality Cheque

• Candidacy for replacement

Tinkerman and Mourinho:

So let’s think back some years to a certain blue London outfit. With a billionaire owner at the helm a revolution was at hand. The Tinkerman to be fair did not fail by any means, but like Rooney, he simply did not do enough, to convince the ‘moneysplasher’ that the revolution was in ‘safe’ (as in strongbox) hands. A certain Portuguese ‘winner’ and ‘self-moniker-ED’ “special one” swooped in, to make life a little more reassuring. Football is big business and no one is going to invest and wait a decade to reap what was sown.

The Trend in Football:

FACT: More and more tycoons are just buying shares and taking over football clubs. These men have the passion but more importantly the wallets, but lack a certain old man’s serenity. As if they are at a urinal with someone a little too close for comfort, they are also insecure about what’s coming out of their pants. If I ‘come out’ of my wallet, something needs to come out on the field, and on the charts.


>150 million = a lot, whether pounds or usd.

Great Expectations?

Yes, and why not. Football romanticists and philosophers say “money can’t buy you success” to which I say from atop a mountain; CHELSEA.


Mother always said the results will show. So for now go on romantics, talk away.


Rhetorical. Do I spend 150 million and say “……well that didn’t work”? The truth is there is only ever one scapegoat when things go south for any project in football.

Mark Who's?

Good Coach, but so is Phil Brown, and Giampiero Ventura. Big projects call for big engineers. When R. Kelly needed defense he didn’t turn to a college intern with a lot of promise. Promise; is NOT ENOUGH (Rooney). One wonders then why Juventus are not meeting expectations. Make no mistake about it, Pep is an anomaly, in an otherwise well functioning Matrix. Hughes had a bad and really bad run at that. For a team with designs of bridging the gap wins are important. I personally think its resistance to change in the form of immigration, which has led to this thing being a sensation. Similarly in Italy there is talk about Mourinho’s scalp; with an 8pt lead, and losing four games in ALL competitions for this season (not special enough or Ludicrous?).

Reality Cheque:

From October 5th to December 19th, Manchester City won (a miserly) TWO games in the league and 2 more in the Carling cup. Come on.


He was at the helm of a so-called European giant for 4 years, and won 5 trophies in that time. Winning speaks for itself. To correct a certain misconception, he was fired not because of expectations, but for his distasteful display of treason-like denouncement of his post following Inter’s elimination at the hands of Liverpool. He was still under contract though and as such only after Inter were able to pay him off for a number of months (16), and him also finally parting ways (short of the contractual agreement), was he able to look for work. He was good with Moratti money, so why won’t he be good with Mubarak money?

He has the pedigree, and the money-tree, Glory Glory Man....'City'?

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