01 December 2009

My Allegiance

By Dr3

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Make no mistake, the blog template is just that; a template. It is a 'background' on which I will show my true colors; black and blue. I am an Inter fan. My allegiance is with the Nerazzurri. I am not Italian though, so maybe you can understand why this seemingly unforgivable oxymoron of red and black 'behind me' can even exist. I say behind me, because at this time there’s no denying who are the front runners of Italian football.

I have witnessed many an Ibracadabra show, many a Stankovic strike, many a Zanetti and Maicon slalom, and even the devastating left feet of Recoba, Vieri, and Adriano. I watched in times of shame, in times of glory and did it as no chore, because this is me.I am no new-school fan though, so I know that this is our time unlike times before. Yes, I watched agonizingly as Shevchenko scored his left footed drive to axe us from the Champion’s League. Yes, I watched as my team was emphatically crushed 6-0 in the Derby, but No; I never stopped, never flinched, because my loyalty to my team is unquestionable. Being a fan is a full time job.

I wasn't born an inter fan though. The first team I loved was Lazio, but mainly due to the presence of my favorite player; Hernan Crespo. He went to Inter, left Inter; but I remained. I remained because I finally found my footballing identity, and I will not lose it. Not in light of ludicrous criticism, nor in light of overzealous glorification. Unwavering, unadulterated, never-ending support for my team; I am Inter Milan.

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